Cracked Foreskin Diabetes

Most of the diabetic patients, often come with issue of Cracked Foreskin Diabetes. It’s also called balanitis cracked foreskin diabetes (Circinate Balanitis). Just the thought of it feels so uncomfortable. Doctor Lenkin from Moscow explains the cause, treatment for tight and cracked foreskin diabetes and ultimate way to prevent.

Hear it directly from Dr. Lenkin own words of experience with patient as he talks over the youtube video on his channel.

Article 1: “Cracked Foreskin Diabetes”

Hello Dear Patients
Today we are going to review the case of crack on a man’s foreskin.

A man came to us, he only had sexual contacts with his wife and he had no other sexual contacts. Without any apparent causes as he didn’t have allergies before, cracks and redness on foreskin developed.

They were accompanied by tenderness itch and in the beginning he went to his dramatic neurologic dispensary at the place of living where a diagnosis of candidosis was said no other diagnosis I casually said.

Quatrimazole cream was prescribed externally, it only worsened such cracks, they started to burn harder. They increased in size and after being disappointed he came to us. No analysis for candidiasis were taken.

Ramsay came to our clinic, preliminarily we advised him to use ointments and he did that by the visit to a doctor. Then we took analysis from the surface of these rashes for candida the one that had to be taken initially.

Culture test for bacteria and candida and analysis from inside the canal and externally for sexually transmitted infections. We took analysis only for the main infections as there’s no need to check for hpv for example as it doesn’t relate to such cracked foreskin diabetes.

All sexually transmitted infections including candida were negative, bacteria were also within normal.

After that analysis for allergy were taken you can watch a separate video on our channel about what it is alexinophenic cationic protein was increased and also it has to be said that analysis were taken for sugar and glycated hemoglobin vector normal.

This rash is a toxic allergic reaction where ergonophilic cationic protein is increased. This may be due to different irritants.

Why does it localize on penis for the first time?


That’s usually because the skin is quite thin irritable and often manifestations of it on penis are the only symptom of such reactions. By the way alexinophilic cationic protein was increased threefold.

Moment here during such an index the treatment is quite long. Patients coming to us want a fast thickness. They want some ointment to be used and leave here.

When toxic allergic reaction goes, a vicious circle is formed. He was consulted by immunologists etc and together with what immunologists prescribed.

We prescribe sodium to sulfate intravenously calcium gluconate intramuscularly. Immunologists also prescribed hormonal medications in short courses. We also prescribe different softening medications such as roderit and vidysteem.

External hormonal ointments here have to be prescribed with great caution because in our videos we have several times showed erosions from hormonal ointments.

Here it’s particularly dangerous as cracks are there already and it’s easy for them to be pointed to erosions. Here we may try such cream as ellie dell and it was done. This is a non-hormonal anti-inflammatory cream etc.

So here the therapy is quite long-term getting out of this situation it took about a month. In our case the patients often do not understand that, as they were prescribed some magic ointments and they wonder why they don’t get out completely healthy.

Unfortunately allergy can be acute and there may be toxic allergic reactions including the ones on sexual organs that manifest for a long time. It’s good that the patient wasn’t using hormonal creams for a long time as this can happen quite often. This all resolved not earlier than five weeks.

That was the time required for complete resolution of such process. So here injections have to be done for quite a long time and observation is needed etc. So in some cases such skin rashes on genitals have a chronic cause and i’m not 100 percent sure that circumcision etc would help.

Somehow in the beginning urologists do not perform circumcision until inflammation is not completely gone. The ones that we see in the basis of such cracks as it’s not completely clear. how they are going to heal so such toxic allergic reactions are quite common on sexual organs and in some cases they have a very resistance.

Because if it’s necessary to diagnose and treat any rashes in the area of sexual organs you can consult  dermatologic neurologists and the neurologists of our paid medical center of dermatologic spencer in moscow. Because we are experienced specialists who do diagnostics and treatment of such rashes we are waiting for you in our clinic.

Above Article courtesy from Doctor Lenkin “Doctor Lenkin” YouTube channel

Article 2: “Infection of Penis and Foreskin”

One more thing guys, don’t just anyhow go for surgery, I mean circumcision. Evaluate first before you jump to any conclusion. But how to evaluate…..

Well, I have an interesting talk (quick, short & straight to the point) by Dr. Sriharsha Ajjur an Urologist & Andrologist about “Infection of Penis and Foreskin” in which he specifies “When exactly should you opt for circumcision”.

Well read it as he talks over the youtube video on his channel.:-

I am Dr. Sriharsha Ajjur consultant urologist and andrologist. Today I am going to talk on Balanoposthitis infection or inflammation of the head of the penis (circinate balanitis) or glands penis (balanitis glande) along with infection of the previous or foreskin is called as Balanoposthitis.

When you should suspect infection of the penis? (sintomas de balanitis or
balanitis sintomas)

You are suffering from
– rashes on the penis,
 – redness on the penis,
 – cracks on the foreskin,
 – post discharge from the head of the penis,
 – painful retraction of the foreskin or
 – painful sexual intercourse,

in that scenario you should suspect infection of the foreskin or infection of the penis (sintomas de balanitis
balanitis sintomas).

The main reasons for this infections are? (balanitis causas)

1) if you are suffering from phimosis, if you are unable to retract the foreskin for hiding purpose then it can cause infection

2) if you are suffering from diabetes mellitus and your sugars are high that can cause penile infections

3) if you had an intercourse with a person who is having vaginal infection that can cause Balanoposthitis.

If you are not cleaning the head of the penis regularly that can lead to infection

what are the reasons or etiologies for this Balanoposthitis? (balanitis causas)

– Bacterial infections,
– fungal infections,
– viral infections,
– inflammatory conditions like bxo or autoimmune diseases,
– allergic reactions,
– repeated trauma,
– these are some of the main reasons for this Balanoposthitis.

Once we diagnose balanopastitis then how do we treat it? (balanitis tratamiento)

This balenopostitis can be treated using antibacterial drugs, antifungal drugs, corticosteroid creams and very rarely with a surgery. (tratamiento para la balanitis)

When do you require surgery?

For this Balanoposthitis if you are suffering from repeated Balanoposthitis, repeated infections, phimosis and infection, diabetes mellitus with repeated infection, in chronic inflammatory conditions like bxo in these scenarios you require surgical treatment. That surgery is called circumcision.

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which we remove the foreskin exposing head of the penis permanently in that way we reduce the chance of microorganism colonization inside the foreskin thus reducing the chance of infection. so if you are suffering from a repeated infection, phimosis, diabetes mellitus with infection then it’s ideal to go for circumcision.

This article “Infection of Penis and Foreskin” is courtesy from Dr. Sriharsha Ajjur on his YT channel Dr Sriharsha Ajjur

Conclusion – Cracked Foreskin Diabetes:-

Here our discussion was limited to dry cracked foreskin due to type 2 diabetes mellitus. I believe, you need to address this situation in 2 ways. Short term and long term.  Short term could be some sort of injections or medications or cream to alleviate the immediate discomfort due to cracked foreskin. But for a long term treatment, diabetes has to be reversed. Instead of going through the embarrassing situation of stripping your pants in front of doctor, why not reverse the root cause -> type 2 diabetes.

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